Time for a Change? Approaching a Career Pivot with Confidence

February 15, 2022

Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph. - Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy - talks with us about how to manage major career changes and why a degree in pharmacy is so valuable.

Key Lessons:

  • Career pivots can be welcomed and sought ... or arise from something unexpected and unwanted.
  • Most professionals will experience several major career changes during their working years.
  • A pharmacy degree enables a surprisingly broad range of career paths.
  • Being prepared for new opportunities by continually updating your knowledge and skills is critical.
  • Having the financial resources available to obtain additional education, training, or experience is an essential career insurance policy.
  • Active engagement in professional pharmacy associations, at both the state and nation level, provides a great way to network and keep current with the latest trends.
  • Many people, especially women, are reluctant to make a major career change without having "all the necessary" credentials and experiences.  But consider what is essential ... you can learn the rest on the job.
  • Several resources are available to help you explore the career options that align with your strengths, skills, and interests:

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