Gender Identity & Transgender Care (I)

Gender Identity & Transgender Care (I)

December 17, 2019

Nicole Avant, PharmD, BCACP - Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati and Founder/CEO of Avant Consulting Group - and Tennille McKinney - HIV Educator and Consultant with Avant Consulting Group - talk with us about gender expression/identity, cis-privilege, and transphobia.

Key Lessons:

  • Sex and gender are not synonymous.  Sex is based on biology and gender is a social construct. Sex is determined by genes and assigned at birth. Gender is influenced by cultural norms and internal sense of self.
  • Transgender persons identify with a gender that is different from the sex that was assigned at birth.  Cis-gender persons identify with the gender that is congruent with the sex assigned at birth.
  • Some transgender persons, but certainly not all, seek medical and/or surgical gender-affirming treatments to express their gender identity.
  • Cis-privilege includes the rights and advantages that cis-gender persons enjoy.  This includes respect for one's gender identity and freedom from harassing comments or intrusive questioning.
  • Deadnaming is the act of referring to and calling someone by their birth name rather than their chosen name which is congruent with their current identity.
  • Transgender persons face social stigma from both the lay public and health professionals.  This sigma often results in transgender persons seeking care outside of traditional institutions and relying on self-care.

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